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Exclamation **627WHP@22.5psi** Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo System Dyno Session #3 (PROcede Tuned)

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Hi guys,
Just got back from our 3rd dyno tuning session. So far, our single turbo system tuning sessions is coming along quite nicely. Today we returned to the same dyno we used a few days ago when we put down 585whp. Still running 94oct pump plus PWM Methanol. This time, we removed the 20psi boost limit that handicapped us before. And with boost at 16psi at 4000RPM tapering upwards to 22.5psi by 6500rpm, it put down this without any muss or fuss:

And video. Sounds awesome. Funny how the front end of the car lifts up

We only did 3 pump+meth runs today. The first two ran a peak of 21psi and made 600-602whp at 20-21psi peak boost. By just adding another 1.5psi up top, it picked up another 25WHP. Pretty astonishing how much power the car is picking up with with incremental changes in boost pressure now that the turbo is operating at it's sweet spot. The turbo itself should still have another ~100hp left in it

So far, fuel system is well within its limits. Fuel trims aren't even closed to being maxed out. I suspect we will limits right around 660-675whp. Which is nice since we still have one more upgrade to make which should support well over 800whp by my calculations. Still no misfire. Still no signs of knock retard. Everything is looking and sounding beautiful. AFR via external wideband AFR is still in the low 12s.

Not much to say other than the car is an absolute BEAST. Probably the fastest street car I've ever driven. Should run mid 10s if I can move that shifter fast enough. Traction is AMAZINGLY GOOD. No doubt because we purposely keeping torque reasonably low (~470lbft) and flat (as a table). 3rd gear and up gets full traction without any drama. Sometimes you get some minor tire scrabble at the top of 3rd gear if the road isn't perfectly smooth. But even that is still very manageable. FWIW, the car is running 265mm wide Bridgestone RE11s with m3 bushings/arms and Koni FSD shocks.

And the Procede is doing an incredible job of keeping things safe and stable. We have incorporated a very slick form of lean-run protection. And even more sophisticated methanol control logic. Both will be released later this week as a firmware update for everyone to use. And as always, boost control is rock solid. Peak WGDC is still only 50% at 6500rpm/22.5psi. No unwanted throttle closure. No boost oscillations. No AFR lag/delay. No smoke out the tailpipe. No wastegate rattle. No turbo siren. Just insane how it is able to manage a 630whp engine just as easily as it is able to manage a 500whp engine.


PS. We did a couple pump gas (94oct) runs with NO meth. Still some more tuning to do. But pretty promising start:

PSS. Our car was shown at WekFest this past weekend. Look what she won

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