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i understand you point....however

Originally Posted by s420merc View Post
IT is not blown out of reality battery life degrades each time you charge and discharge your phone i would need at least the $100 plan i use it for work and buisness. My K1 Motorola i had to change battery after 8 months of use so i just went to store bought a new one and no problems. I use my phone alot so battery life is shortened. with the IPHONE u cant just buy a battery at the corner Phone store. AND they will prob charge a ton for a replacement batt.
My ipod is now a 1 1/2 years old and I have not experience any noticable battery life loss to date.
I had to replace my blackberry battery after 1 year. It would not last 30 minutes after a year.
I'm not really worried about it....

I bought the iphone, no waiting on Sunday at an Apple can visit and apple retail store's website and they are posting availability each night at 9pm.

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got lucky....