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Originally Posted by Sleeper View Post
I'd like to see a retune and the resulting graph where boost is ramped up normally, ie. as quick as possible. I understand the reasoning behind ramping it up like a NA engine (drivetrain protection), but to me, that's not the point of a big turbo. By nature, the bigger turbo should hit full spool much later than the little twins, but still come on hard enough that you get rocked into the back of your seat. That's a high WTQ/WHP big turbo experience for me... not a slow gradual increase where peak boost hits at 6500 RPM.
I believe it's stated in the other thread that he's still working out underboost DME codes from the slower spooling big turbo. I would imagine tuning in the lower third/quarter of the RPM range is delayed until they can keep the DME happy.

That being said, I remember being a big part of the MR2 Turbo scene years ago and the big measure of "spool" and how quick a turbo could make torque was the RPM where the engine would reach 200wtq. Given, that motor was 2.0L turbo, mine made 200wtq@ 2850rpm and was an absolute blast to drive.

Vishnu's car makes 200wtq@2400 and another 200wtq more in just 1000rpm. Not too shabby for not even touching/optimizing that rpm band.