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Originally Posted by dzenno View Post
Right! So how is 22.5psi being done on the stock tmap sensor?
Maybe the 3bar unit is already there...

Sounds pretty easy for him as he can get the 3bar value in and give the DME original "expected" values...

Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
Yep.. there is a 3bar MAPS sensor input on the Rev3. We will also consider just swapping out the factory 2.5bar sensor for a direct replacement 3bar unit. Pretty easy stuff to do. And judging by how quickly the engine wakes up when with each additional psi of boost, I'm also looking forward to seeing what this setup does at 23-24psi. I suspect we will see 600whp. And with still another 100+hp of overhead. I can't tell you guys how much of a blast it is to drive this car. Not just in terms of power but how smoothly and effortlessly the power is delivered. It makes running upgraded twins feel and sound very "coarse" in comparison.