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Its pretty simple Enrita...No need to hassle with individual files to see what needs to be used...Download this file

Goto your C: drive and delete all the INPA, Ediabas, NCS and NFC folders that are already there...Once all the items in relation to INPA and Ediabas, NCSexpert, NFS are deleted from C: drive

Unzip the RAR file you just a folder on desktop ...Open up the unzipped folder (this file is HUGE!!!!!).....There are folders for Ediabas, EC-Apps, NCS. The Inpa file is located in a folder called EC-Apps..I took each file INPA and NFS out of that folder and made them individual folders and dragged the four folders ( INPA, Ediabas, NCS and NFS into the C drive..
Go back into the upzipped folder and location the file that says step one and initiate the file, which will begin the updating process you and loads up the BMW tool for the update. The first step of the program will say that INPA and NFS is not found at location EC-Apps folder, all you do is just press browse and input C: drive and enter, do this also for NFS file...Follow the instructions after..

Once thats done there goto step 2 file of the downloaded unzipped folder and hit enter which will load up the installation hardware for INPA and reinstall INPA and Ediabas and NCS and NFS back into computer......Go back into the unzipped folder again, and initiate step 3
Step 3, which basically updates all the files needed for the updates..Follow the instructions prompts and you are done with the loading part...

Lastly go to desktop and hit the INPA shortcut you had before to test it out to see if its loading correctly..Then test if it connects with car, If not then you need to troubleshoot it...Either path is not set correctly or

Make sure you have C:/ediabas/bin/obd.ini file copied to the C:\windows..For some reason the install wipes away the file that you had previously copied into C:/windows folder...I have no clue why!! Took me a while to realize this...

The update is worth it.

On a side note there is also a newer version of Ediabas 7.02 and INPA 5.03 in circulation...I was able to obtain the 7.02 Ediabas but could not get Inpa 5.03...I wonder if this file is updated for MSD81 DME and the new F10??..If the update that I just posted wouldnt have worked for my car, then I would have tried to somehow get 7.02 and Inpa 5.03 updated and working...Those running MSD81 should look into that...I already have the Ediabas 7.02 file but need to find INPA 5.03...If anyone need Ediabas 7.02 file let me know...Also does anyone have INPA 5.03?? I have searched and found nothing..

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