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Hi guys,

here is a post from the 1Addicts Aus forum "Oil Cooler" thread, that may be of interest to you.

Originally Posted by BMW86
What are the differences between this kit and the Stett?

Both utilise the Setrab core. The Stett's core seems more square, whilst the Advan seems taller.

Hey mate,

with regards the core dimensions I can measure the Setrab cooler in the Stett Stage 2 kit if you like.

The cooler in the Stett kit is definitely more square, where as our 20 row "Extra Wide" core is very much rectangular.

Geometry lesson aside both our coolers make far better use of the airflow through the lower duct on the right side of the front bar.

Whilst I suspect the Stage 2 coolers of both kits will be similar in core volume and frontal surface area, our kit is built entirely around -10 AN fittings.

All the fittings on the Stett kit are only -8.

As such there will be more potential for oil flow restriction via -8 hose and hose ends, then our larger inner diametre -10 AN hose and fittings.


the fittings in the OE oil cooler are equivalent to -10 in size.

The Earl's Pro-Lite Ultra hose we use in both kits is far more durable than the oil lines supplied with the Stett kit, the Pro-Lite hose retails for $82.50 per metre, when you hold it in your hand you can see why.

The Earl's Series 3000 hose ends we use where possible are also of an exceptionally high quality, we could have gone with a cheaper alternative, but we did not set out to develop a kit that was in anyway a compromise.

Lastly the installation of our kit will NOT require the removal, of the entire front bumper assembly of the car to mount the cooler bracket, as is necessary with the Stett kit.

You need only remove the front right wheel and the wheel arch splash liner, which I have done several times myself and it's not a terribly difficult task.

Just to refresh everyone's memory here are some pics of the hose and hose ends we use in both our Stage 1 & Stage 2 kits.


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