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Originally Posted by luster View Post
Autologic is completely different.

Autologic can perform updates just like the ISIS system, BMW's software suite that includes a a terminal, mainframe computer, MOST bus adaptor, ODB etc etc. It can do updates to every part of hte BMW - the coding can only do updates through ODB, which isn't all modules.

Additionally, because the autologic has the fibre adaptor it can do things much faster.

It can now also do ECU tuning even for MSD80 and MSD81 DME's. Something the coding cable cannot do.

The autologic can also do SOME coding, just a few functions as determined by Autologic in the USA. Most of the coding options on the spreadsheet CANNOT be done.

Therefore, custom coding, hex editing, custom flashes and custom programming cannot be completed as it is a closed system.

In fact, the Autologic is very heavily dependent on being networked, as it does not store most of the files, updates and software on its system for very long.

This can mean updating a car can take a very long time as it has to download the correct files each time before an update.

It is a little bit like hte GT1, BMW's previous software for workshops.


Please correct me if I am wrong in any aspect Peter
Hi there Luster
Some of what you say is correct but you should check out the Autologic home page, The system is made in the UK, to update a car takes a lot less than it takes the BMW system as Autologic will only update the items that need doing, The BMW system updates them all this is where there can be an issue as some moduals can crash = $, There are flash tunes at a cost that we can also do. All in all we have the latest softwear from Europe ex BMW and custom softwear from Autologic.There are patches for fixes that BMW do not have, the list is long etc I think you would like to have a play. Our unit is the update version 1st in Australia