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Is this last lap at laguna seca taken with the above mentioned kit/iPhone?
No. It's just one of the many samples on Youtube.

So it has track maps for popular tracks as well?
Yes. It's got a sh*t load of tracks. If its not there, you can plot the map and get it certified. The maps it comes with have been certified by real users like you and I.

This harry's laptimer, does it show the lateral forces, G's as shown in the video above? This also allows for high quality video. This things seems pretty good, with the grips and the wide angle lens seems to have more advantage than the gopro.
I don't think the target signifies lateral forces. I think it's the accuracy of the GPS. You can tho use a Kiwi OBDII Wi-Fi as a sensor. The app will recognize it and allow you to log RPM and throttle position for example. This page has all the details:

Music reminds me of some initial D
I think it was this mix:

For me, I prefer using the iPhone/Harry's app as an instrument to tell my lap times, therefore I mount it on the windshield and use something else to capture the video. Then I download the data from the app, and use a software called RaceRender to overlay the data onto the video. Works great for what I need. Below is a video from an event last month.
I think I'm gonna go with the iGrip using the wide angle lens as oppose to the fish eye. You lose some sense of speed the wider the lens. Plus, I'll be able to review my n00bish hand/shifting movements afterwards. I don't want to get too scientific, I just want to drive and let extincts take over.

Oh...for the cable, if you have the USB slot in the glove compartment, you can use it to have constant power for the phone. You can kind of see the cable in my video below.
That reminds me, you can purchase a $0.99 DC adapter + your iPhone USB cable for power.