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Originally Posted by EQUANT View Post
I have the same noise in my 2010 320d with 41,000km on it.
I will be taking the car in for inspection next week, but not really sure if i should give the go for dismantling the entire engine (if the dealer should say that's the case), as i talked to two other guys who did the operation, just to get the noise back soon after (2-3months/5000km after). They have been using the car like that ever since, without any other problems.
I really think it's just the way this engine sounds and there's nothing to worry about. After all, a timing chain will make more noise than a belt.
hopefully mine will stay fixed.
if not it will be going back as repairs have a 2 year warranty....
do these two other guy have forum threads to follow?

as other forum threads i have read don't have any negative feedback after the work was done.