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Originally Posted by rooringhusky View Post
I dont think the cause has really been discussed much...I know Cobb is working very hard on the fix and actually mentioned on a recent post that I think they got it fixed (in v400) and ready for beta release..I havent seen the timing jump that you saw during the hesitation so maybe I need to log a bit more and see if I get the same..(Although im running Stage 2+FMIC ST)

Mine is not exclusive to 3rd gear...but I agree I notice it more in the 3rd gear

I tried a fresh install a few days back but no love on the surge/hesistation fix...maybe my issue is bc 6MT no clue..anxiously waiting

Are your turbo on their way out? Still under warranty?......(Pause)....Vishnu Single Turbo......? Haha
I think i was one of the first to report this to cobb and i have auto, and i feel it the most when 4th gear and you WOT at 2.5k rpm, you feel the initial kick then at 3k its dies on you and rpms take forever to get to 4k, then it comes back alive after that.
I think the problem is with the concept of controlling boost during load and when timing goes negative so that it starts its climb again. Whichever i just want it fixed already.

PS: Sometimes i dont get the surge, especially when holding the car at 2.8k rpm (boosting) then WOT after.

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