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Originally Posted by darkrom View Post
Gavin fucking pulling through. I give you shit for not being vocal enough...this fixes that

Can you even give us a ballpark range within say $1k of the final number on the stage 1? Are we looking at like $5k? Whats the plan for engine management.

Seriously don't keep too much of a secret, if this is gunna happen I need to save up!
Lol sorry, been busy for you guys

A ballpark* not set in stone, is $6k or under. - again, ballpark and not solid.

Engine management is done via a standalone computer that runs in tandem with the OEM ECU, it has the ability to control far more then we ever need for this car.. Meth injection, errors, timing, fueling, valve lift, up to 16 injectors - it is a little overkill, but its a great piece of hardware and holds the software to run us cleanly and safely.

So its not a flash, its a resellable kit.

And yes, it's already happening, tuning runs next week and other goodies. Today i hope to get you guys a shot of the final parts with the cold air intake installed and our branded Bracket, Black V3-Si trim blower (just got it back from being anodized)


The blower color for the kits will be an option of polished and satin, black is just something i personally wanted in the car.