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Originally Posted by darkrom View Post
Gavin Gavin Gavin! Yes lol.

Can you give me any info about what this overkill management is called? I want to start planning this with my installer informally. It'll take me a while to bank 6k, but I can get most of the install done free, so this is actually a strong possibility of something I may really be able to do. If this mystery engine management comes with a basemap for a stock 325i and your stage 1 kit, we wouldn't even NEED a tune other than to compensate for specific mods and more power...

Things are looking up for this car, I just have a bank or 2 to rob on the way home.
Lol, the computer is proprietary - its not something you can just go buy, and we preload the tuning to the computer - so there is no need to have it tuned after the fact. Just install the kit, allow for a few miles of break in time (200+) - and go.