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Originally Posted by ciomas View Post
Im still trying to sort out a problem with the brakes so Ive been putting off the proper review untill all is good and I can really push it.. also at the track.

However, very briefly I need to admit it is a big improvement. Especialy with the rear. Just to give everyone a sense of how soft the ohlins suplied springs were - I did experience rubbing in the back with a 15mm spacer !

When on old springs, I had the suspension set at 3/4 on the stiffer side. It proved to be a bit too rough with new swift springs (392/784) on a daily basis. It is set right in the middle of the scale now and feels just right.

I have also replaced the rear subframe rubber and front suspension parts for 'M' ones. That together with the spring update greatly improves your connection with the road surface. And it doesnt happen in an uncomfortable way. (Harold you should be selling this as a set! )

Personaly I am happy with the ride quality and I know I will be stiffening up the suspension a little bit for the track - probably 3/4 on the stiff side again. However if one has a very delicate and sensitive bottom (or a wife/girlfriend with one) a 336/672 combo might be sufficient.

Bottom line: Ohlins+Swift is a great match! But do expect a more detailed review once my brakes allow me to put the suspension to a more versatile test.

Harold, thanks putting up with me and all the questions again!
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It's great to hear some feedback on the Ohlins R&T and Swift springs combo.

As much as I love to sell the Ohlins kit this way, it also increases the price and is not for everyone's wallet. Some are actually okay with just the out of the box kit. Although most opt for the upgrade right away or after a track day or two. If Ohlins would supply the struts and dampers only, I can then price this kit reasonably for the community.