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belkin aircast

ok guys,

i bought the proclip dash mount for like $32, call and ask for the best price and they shud give you 10% off. i couldnt justify paying another $30 for a frekin holder for my ipod so instead used my brain... on ebay i bought a Swivel Holster Belt Clip for my Apple Ipod Touch and broke off the swivel clip and sanded it smooth. i put velcro on that and the mount and it holds excellent. plus you can put whatever else you want on there with velcro. i think it looks great for what it is.

the emergency brake bag covering comes out if you pull up and towards the rear of the car. you can pass thru the belkin aircast thru the rubber container thing on the bottom of the center console.

i originally had the aircast button somewhere near that red circle in the last picture, but the adhesive did not last long and it kept falling off. i actually loved this position the best and the wire can be tucked up the side of the center console trim. there was about 3 inches of wire visible vertically, but that was it. i will try again to find something that will stick that area but not damage the surface of the trim. where it is now still works great.

i know some members put their aircast right in front of the center console, but i really didnt want wires around there. have fun be creative and find a place that suits your needs.

all in all, great product for those without OEM bluetooth.
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