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Originally Posted by CombatNinja View Post
With the mpg of the new 328, the diesel is pretty hard to make a case for. Shame...
Seems that some folks think that diesels have not improved economy the same way the gas/petrol cars are? It's the 8AT that has caused much of the big increase in the new models' economy...and both the gassers and diesels are getting/using the 8-speed. Heck, using the ZF8HP70 transmission, the current max performance Euro-spec F10 535d M Sport even gets better economy than any of the smaller gas F30s...320i, 328i, 335i and the 535d has the same 5.5s 0-60(62) acceleration as the fastest F30, the 335i.

I guess we'll see how $5.00/gal gas this summer makes some folks think about how "good enough", or "not good enough" the 34mpg 328i would be if even "just" a 320d were made available here getting 54mpg (US) combined...59mpg in the Efficient Dynamics trim, for some that would be a very convincing case for a personal decision...if only BMW would bring even an N47 over, before the F30 LCI.

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