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Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
Yes and no.

As I said, the JB4 suppresses the CEL that you would normally get when running catless DPs. However, what it doesn't do, is putting the engine management in OBD-ready status. If you don't have that status, you will not pass an OBD emissions test, as it means the engine management is not ready but is still adapting to its sensor inputs. Which it permanently does with the JB4.

If you want to achieve the OBD-ready status, you will need to install the DPfix in addition to the JB4.

Or if you want to avoid all that hassle, get a COBB Access Port - for the stage 2 maps (for which catless DPs are necessary) the catalyst fault codes are removed in the DME itself, so you don't need to add any wires at all.

Got quick reply from cobbtuning support and very happy with all information i got.for example "the Stage 2+FMIC have an increase of over 50% when compared to stock" thats enough for me.

alltough ONLY answer regarding to emission test is a little bit open question still to me ". You will see no fault code on the dash regarding the O2 sensors.
We have also not thoroughly tested the ready status, though it is something we plan to investigate further.
" does this mean, that i can go to emission test or that ready status is not available at all?