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RagingKileak's New Car Journal - 335i M-Sport

Hello all,

Well I guess it's the worlds worst kept secret for some of the more vigilant members on here, but some of you might still be surprised to see that I have recently purchased a new car.

In this thread, I intend to do something I've never done before. That is to update the thread with write ups and pictures which relate to this car, rather than have seperate threads each time. I know this isn't exactly unusual, but I've always modified my cars a lot, but rarely told much of a story as changes were made.

In addition, I'm hoping that the 335i is going to be with me for longer than most and that I can really 'use' it - as in not just potter up and down the motorway, but also to go places and see things. I say this everytime I buy a new car, but hell I might just do it this time...

The car I opted for is a 2009 M-Sport Highline in Alpine White with red leather and it is absolutely beautiful. The car has now covered just 16,000 miles from new and has the following spec:

N54 Twin Turbo
DCT Gearbox
HDD based CIC Nav
High Gloss Shadowline
Privacy Glass
Heated Seats
225 Alloys

So, as you can see, she has quite a basic spec but in a fairly rare configuration of engine/gearbox/i-Drive or Nav. Let me explain....

Clearly, I needed a twin turbo car. No offense to the N55 boys out there but there was only one option I really wanted, yet once I had tried it, I NEEDED to have DCT. I've also made my thoughts known about the older versions of BMW Sat Nav known many times - I'm not a fan.

This car has the wonderful combination of the twin turbo engine, the DCT box and the later nav system. Despite it's relatively modest spec elsewhere, I can add USB/Audio options and do I REALLY need comfort access, adaptive xenons or some of the other nice to have's that I had been thinking of?

So how does she drive? Well so far, I absolutely love this car. The power delivery is obviously similar to my previous 135, but the DTC box means that its a much smoother experience than my 1'er which was a manual. I've also found that the exhaust has a completely different note; the 335 sounds deeper, slightly more subtle and much sexier.

Already, I have a more confident manner when approaching corners than I do in the Golf, which can tend to be led too much by its front wheels (of course) and any surface imperfections they might meet. I love the central pivot point in this car too (my first 3 e9x 3 series Coupe) which is similar to the 1 series coupe and far better than my previous 335d saloon.

If anyone, I now know (sorry to piss more of you off) why the Coupe costs more than the Saloon - it's not just about the kit, it also feels better made and more composed, as well as a little bit more driver focussed.

Some of the other touches I really like include things like 'mood' lighting which bathes the door panels - things which are just absent in the 1 Coupe or the E90 Saloon.

Before I end this part of the write up, I'd just like to say that I bought this car from another member here and I feel like I have stepped into a brand new car. There are 2 stonechips on the entire body and almost no swirling whatsoever; the interior is practically immaculate the the wheels unmarked - this car is as good as any car I've ever seen and she is a real credit to her previous owner. Thanks mate.

I'll more than likely modify this car extensively, although I am not going to give too much away about what I will be doing just now. You'll just have to wait for more write ups!

That's all for now, except some pics below! Enjoy!!

Last thing... We had a nice drive out around the Yorkshire Dales this morning as you can probably see, so heres some action shots...

A hairy Northern man...

And Jen, who was innocently trying to snap an artistic shot of herself and the cars interior, when I went over a MASSIVE bump - this is a great advert for M-Sport suspension, as she practically (literally) hit the roof lol...

Thanks for reading!