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Originally Posted by SROC3 View Post
Acutally, i do care quite a bit, thanks orb for your insight. Now, what does that mean in layman's terms?

And is there a loss in low-end power from this mod AT ALL? There seems a lack of "sure" knowledge on this point. i took it off and then re-attached it after 2 weeks or so. What's your take on this modification?
The mod will not reduce power. If anything power and response should increase. It is a restrictive device and it only purpose is to reduce noise at low RPM. I like the sound a lot better now.

From my own experiences the pressure and vacuum forces will not move the ball bearing. I donít think you have to pin prick the hose to equalize to atmosphere pressure but it is a good idea and would recommend it.

I made a small hole in the hose so it does vent/suck when tested. You canít even see the hole and it not going to leak in water or dirt.