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Well, I made my first trip to the drag strip last November before the track closed. I made 4 passes. The first, i stalled the car. VERY embarassing. The last 3 got progressively better. I've been gearing up for the upcoming drag racing season so I've been practicing. Not sure if you're tuned or not. If not, just one click the DTC button and rev to 2000-2500 and release clutch and give her some gas. Should be good to go with limited wheel spin. I'm running JB4 so i can limit my boost in 1st and 2nd gear. Right now I have it limited at 10 in 1st but i'm going to lower that to 8.8 (stock) since the best 60' time i can get right now is 2.57. That's really slow. It's quite a challenge putting 440lb tq down to the ground with no LSD. If you're into drag racing you may want to look into drag radials. I am. I'm putting some Nitto NT-01s on my stock 17" wheels for the strip. Hopefully this will help some until i buy an LSD.
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