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I have a 2010 E90 already pre-installed with the following:

609 Navigation system
620 Voice-command
6FL iPod and USB adapter
6UH Real Time Traffic Information

And here are the parts that I got.

I labeled all the components on the photo and am trying my best to guess what they all are:

A. Combox
B. Not sure - let's call it Patryk's magic harness for now! It has a long orange twisted pair wire coming out and on the other end of the orange wire, it is labeled "Mic" on a piece of tape. I'm guessing this orange wire is the wire to the pre-existing mic.
C. Not sure either - but on one end, it has a four pin connector and on the other, a ten-pin connector
D Wire splice of some sort - not sure what it's for
E. Y cable for iPod/iPhone
F. New Aux/USB port
G. Bluetooth aerial
H. Looks like the Bluetooth aerial connection cable

Any help in deciphering what these cables are would be greatly appreciated. (It's OK to PM me if this information shouldn't be shared.)

One question I already have is where to put the Bluetooth aerial. The original instructions have it attached to the glove box, but given this Combox seems to be want to be installed in the trunk, I'm not sure the supplied cable goes long enough. Any other location for the aerial?
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