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Okay, I'm back

So, I adjusted my seating position like half a year ago, everything was going fine, until two days ago...

Basically, I met a rally driver, and he told me that you can take ANY corner (even the tightest hairpin, he said - seems like BS to me) with fixed input steering on a rally car. I asked him if you can do that on the street in a normal car and he said sure...

So it made me think... I watched my hands turning into corners, and I realized they turn less than I thought. So, after driving around a bit and judging corners, I decided it was time to try fixed input steering for everything...

Well, I took a few corners, and I realized that some were OK, but slow ones taken at higher speed than usual were a problem. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that after about 100 degrees of turning the wheel, I have to lift my back off the seat in order to get enough leverage on the wheel. This is not apparent when standing still. The problem is multiplied when going fast, when you have to use the seat as support.

So, lo and behold, I decided to adjust my "ideal seating position". Rather unsystematicaly, I moved the seat closer to the wheel, and I moved the wheel closer to me.

There is one thing I can say for sure: you would be surprised how many corners you can take fixed input, and even more importantly, hand-over-hand is no problem.

BUT, there is a problem with the seating position.

Let's take this in order...

1) First, I dropped the seat all the way down, since it was only 1 click from being that way

2) I moved the seat closer. Now there is a problem. When I press the clutch pedal in, I have about a 120 degree bend in my knee (which seems OK). However, with my right foot just touching the brake pedal (not pressing), I have a 90 degree bend in my knee - I heard this is not a good idea. Should I move the seat back some?

3)I moved the steering wheel closer, actually to maximum extension. I also moved it higher than before.

Before, the top of the wheel was about 5 cm (I'm guessing) below shoulder height. Now, it's about 1cm below. After driving for like 15 minutes, my arms are hurting.

Second, even at maximum extension, with the wheel in a "high" position, I cannot rest my wrist on the top of the wheel, it's like 0.5cm away. If I move the wheel lower, I can rest my wrist comfortably, but then I cannot completely see the tach/speedo. I cannot move the back more upright (tried before), since if I move it more upright, I feel as if I am falling out of the seat.

All in all:

1) Wheel height - is it a good idea to keep the wheel high, and just wait for my arms to get used to it?

2) Is it a good idea to keep the wheel so close to me? Right now, when I put my hands at 9 and 3, I have a 100 degree bend in my elbows, which seems too little.

Basically, I feel I am able to control the car best the way the wheel is set up now, however, it is a bit painful (but that might just be because I am not fit enough).

Second, it feels a bit strange that with my height (174 cm) I have to have the seat all the way down, and the wheel fully extended.

Any help greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Right now, I'm sitting like this in my E90: