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Post First Time BMW Owner 2012 335i Cabrio Interesting Story


I've been reading this forum so much I figured I'd introduce myself and my new car. I'm 27 years old, originally from Puerto Rico but live in Iowa, USA. I work in IT.
I've had 5 cars since I graduated college 5 years ago. None of them have been in any accidents (knock on wood). I have changed mostly because I have never been truly satisfied with the other vehicles. I figured if I am going to make a fairly big monthly payment I should be completely satisfied with the vehicle I get to drive every day.
First I bought a 2005 cadillac CTS (used with 13k miles). This was a great first car. It was loaded and 6 speed so driving was kind of fun although not enough power. I had that car for 2 years. After that I bought a New 2010 wrangler unlimited. That was mostly because of being freaked out by driving a manual RWD car in the Iowa winters and its ability to go anywhere and take the whole top and doors off.
I had that for a year, as I was quickly bored of driving that. The only fun to be had in driving that was in 4+ inches of snow when everyone else was getting stuck. After driving an Audi TT Roadster for a week during vacation, when I came back, I quickly wanted to change my jeep for a convertible and fun to drive car. Ended up buying a 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster Sport, completely loaded. that was more my style. What a nice car. Although 2 seater and not enought space (could barely fit one golf bag). Very fun to drive but I always felt the WOW factor leaving me with every day. After meeting my girlfriend, who will be the mother of my children, I decided to go for the safer car again when the new Grand Cherokees came out.
I ended up buying a 2011 Grand Cherokee Overland Summit. There wasnt an option I didnt get. BTW I still feel there is no other SUV I would rather have than this one. But even with the hemi and the raising/lowering of ride height, obviously boring to drive since its such a heavy vehicle... So for the 3rd time in the last year I ended up going to the dealerships again. This time BMW...
I always wanted one, and as a matter of fact, after college the first car I went to see was a 3 series. But price and the feeling like no salesman would take me seriously because of being young made me go somewhere else.

This time I was going to buy a 2011 sedan, but when I saw what is now my car, I was impressed. After driving it I was blown away. I ended up getting it... M sport package, Nav, Auto w paddle shifters, Comfort Access, pretty much fully loaded. I think the only option I dont have is the adaptive cruise control.

After having the car for a month I am still wowed every day. I am looking forward to driving every day. I have a high payment, but I dont feel bad about it. Quite the opposite, I enjoy it every time I get in the vehicle and feel everything around me.

Driving has been amazing. I keep thinking "these Germans know what they're doing" every time I push the accelerator or turn the wheel easing into and out of curves. I keep getting surprised and please by features I keep discovering. This is what owning a car should be. Not only a machine that will take you places, but one that will give you satisfaction at doing so.
Not only having raw power but being able to so smoothly deliver it to the road. I feel like I am flying. The seats are amazing, the stereo sounds great (upgraded 11 speaker Harman Kardon), the car looks are to die for. The technology is getting to where it should be in the infotainment system. But I am always reminded that I got the "Ultimate Driving Machine" which is why I give them a pass on the horrible cup holders . It is that. Such a powerful yet smooth machine. I feel safe even when flying by others.

In conclusion this is my favorite car so far. I LOVE IT. I hope that I always do so I dont have to switch cars for a long time, because my girlfriend and my budget will not appreciate it.

I could go more into details, if anyone is interested and reads this. I hope this brings a smile to those that have gone through similar experiences. Thank you all for your time. I will work on posting more pictures once we have warmer weather around here!