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Originally Posted by Tk502 View Post
I finished the install this morning, I did the shift arm as well. I had access to a lift so that made things a lot easier. Two tips for you guys tackeling this on your own. Getting the new shift arm is a PITA, but I came up with a solution that makes it easier. Take a tie-down and wrap it around the drive shaft twice. I had two guys pull to one side (drivers side) and I was able to push/slide the new shift arm up on the passenger side. The shaft probably only moved a couple of mm but that was enough. The second big thing that was even more of a PITA than the shift arm, was getting the shift bearing (#5 in the oem diagram) clipped back in to place. It was very hard to get the amount of leverage required to clip it in to place. I was fianlly able to get it in with the help of another guy, i held it in place while he pushed it in place with a large pry bar. All in all, the instuctions laid out in this post were excellant and it took about 2 hours. I love how the new shifter feels
That's great but can you say why you changed the shift arm. How did it feel before the change?
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