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Only have 2 days a week to workout...need a routine

hey guys...i know there are a lot of workout heads in here...and i haven't posted much since starting back to school. but therein lies my that i'm back in school...i really only have 2 days (sat and sun) that i have time to work out. i'm not terribly out of shape...since i used to work out pretty consistently...but i'm looking to maintain a "working out" appearance. i have a gym membership so i have access to any type of equipment. can anyone suggest or point me in the direction of a good workout that fits into 2 days a week?

i know this isn't the best scenario by far...and i'm severely limited due to the number of days...but there has to be something that will keep me in decent shape as long as my diet is kept within reason. heavy weights...light weights...doesn't matter...i just need something so my body doesn't feel so lethargic.

thanks in advance...