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Originally Posted by shift330 View Post
I had the same issue at around 40k miles. Just take your car to the dealer and they'll replace the front passenger seat coushion and sensor for you. There wasn't even a recall going on when it happened to me but they didn't hesitate to replace it.

I've got sport seats and still had the problem but I assume they would also cover sport seats if you're out of warranty on you 325 and you have sport instead of standard seats.
I had the standard seats in mine and had it replaced. I complained to the dealer before the recall about the same issues, and even after the recall was anounced, they still calimed it didnt exist until I got a postcard from BMW that said my car had been recalled. anyway, here is the link to the NHTSA recall listing.

here is the defect notice BMW filed with the NHTSA, you'll notice on page 2 its stated they repair the sport seat, and replace the standard.