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Originally Posted by ruscoupe View Post
Just my opinion but having been there, done that, my suggestion would be to just try harder to watch what you eat, drink as much water every day as you can, and try and see if you can get more sleep, or at least as much quality sleep as you can.

I'm probably most in line with Templar's way of thinking here. You know what your priorities are, and if you let anybody here convince you otherwise that's just wrong. Lots of us have made sacrifices. IMHO, it sounds like you understand the proper order of things.

Deal is, there's no such thing as a 2 day a week program for your situation or anybody elses. Just do what you can do and accept such is life. For me personally, with your schedule, I'd consider nothing more than maybe running a few miles on the weekend and maybe (MAYBE) some light weights for 30 minutes or so and be happy with it. The main thing you're shooting for is for the body to just not go to hell in a wastebasket before time allows for you to get back into a more normal routine w/o sacrificing the things that are more important in the long run than muscle.
Just my .02,
this is pretty much spot on with what i was thinking...i just need some type of physical activity so that my body stays somewhat responsive. in reading back at my prior posts...i was a little unclear as to what my schedule entails. basically i'm up by 6am for work....after work i have about 45min before school...and then i don't get home from school until about 11pm.