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Originally Posted by GeeRam View Post
However, GM looked at it and said, it's too expensive, dump it and told the Saab engineers, "here's this old Vauxhall/Opel platform, go and do something 'very cheap and quick' with this instead"
Anybody saw the Top Gear segment on Saab last night? They explained that GM gave Saab the Vauxhall platform and told them to just change the body and nothing else but Saab went the other way and built a different vehicle and it flopped. The next year/gen, GM said the same thing by giving them a platform and to just change the body and nothing else but again Saab pretty much said "F U" and made whatever they wanted and flopped once again.

It seems like Saab was just very stubborn and didn't want to evolve or change, which could be a good thing but if no one is buying their product then what is the point? So can BMW actually push Saab to change if they do acquire them? I guess time will only tell.
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