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Originally Posted by ronny214 View Post
Heh, no worries. I'm still really new myself. Everything I'm able to pass on I've just learned in the past few days because I'm getting ready to do much the same type of upgrades.

As to your question, your warranty would probably void if they saw that you had mod'ed the car and the CP blew. You could take off the JB4, and put on the stock DP if you changed it out too, and take it in and probably have no issues.

The main issue you have here is not only having to go through the process of having the dealer install a new one, or buying a new one yourself, but the actual breaking. I use my car as a daily driver so if my CP busted during my daily commute or something, I'd be SOL on transportation until it was fixed. More a preventative measure than anything. There may be some power/sound gain there, but I haven't done enough research to know for sure. I'm sure some of the pros here can jump in on that one, though.
Will I notice it break right when it happens? Like if Im driving over the bridge will I just lose engine power and my car go into limp mode? Or will I have time to drive it home or to a safe place to park without damaging the engine.