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1st post here....bringing home the D tonight

Purchased it earlier today - but I drew the short straw so wifey is out picking it up and driving it home.....we have owned numerous BMW's over the years but I have to tell you this one is the one we are most excited about (OK OK I should have kept the E30 M3 that I owned back in 90 but other than that) we even drove the F30 yesterday it just didn't do it for us (thought it might have done it for my wife in that she wanted a manual along with me) and in the end the 330D prevails and we are thrilled!

I should have the JBD module/piggy back (call it what you will) in within a couple days :-)

ONLY downside is that we did buy it used (2200 miles) and it just happened to fall in to the 287 wheel production time line so even though we have the M-Kit on it we are not rolling on the 193's / Oh well either way it'll have 19's on it soon enough so it doesn't matter all that much and I do like the 287 quite a bit / And with the deal we were able to strike I couldn't walk over the wheels

In the end major options are: wht/blk/M/Premium (Im probably forgetting one or two)

At any rate great forum have enjoyed reading all the posts and now glad to be a member