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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
Correct dont change that..Leave it on temps but before you even do step one...Take out the INPA file and NFS file from EC-Apps folder and delete that empty folder.Then drag those two files to the C-drive ...Take INPA and NFS folder out of there and put both in C drive...when it ask that folder EC-apps for INPA is not found just browse and find c drive and press the same for NFS...Reason being you eliminated the EC-Apps folder so its no longer can be found with that path.

Cdrive now should have 4 folder individually....INPA, NCS, NFS , Ediabas

do step 1 and then it will ask to locate the INPA and NFS files...browse and hit C: for both

After tools install, goto downloaded unzipped folder and do step 2 and then after do step 3 and your done..

Then you will have everything working and not have to change the environmental path later....

Also make sure after install to copy the Ediabas/bin/obd.ini file into windows again as it erases it from previous copy!
I appreciate your help. It still seems I have a disconnect between your instructions and what i'm seeing.

So from the top: I deleted all traces of INPA NCS etc from C drive as you said earlier. Is that not correct anymore? What's confusing me is you reference having INPA, NCS, NFS , Ediabas folders on C:\ THEN running Step1.exe and I have no folders on C:\ UNTIL Step1.exe completes
Should I not be deleting the starting folders I had from Vas DIY? Or maybe I'm missing a separate .rar or set of files I should have.

On an unrelated note. Do you run procede? I could not figure out how to change maps with car off. I should know this but couldn't figure it out. I had to start car and change with stalk. What's odd is early in the night things seem to be working ok with the files from Vas but when I starting trying to update and try it again i kept getting some freezing. Now when I start my car this morning it was on Map 1 again.... I'm sure that didn't help matters. No clue how it got back to Map 1 last night.