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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
Correct take out all your old files from the old install. Then replace it with the new files from download zip that you just did. With new zip file there is a folder named ec-apps. Within that folder take INPA and Nfs out. Now you should have 4 folders from the zip file you just downloaded Put those four folders into c drive again and then do step 1-3.
Thank you for being patient lol. I think i realize our discrepancy now. In my file I downloaded and unrared I see no "Ec-apps" folder. Maybe I need to redownload the .rar file. Not sure why I seem to be missing that.

Just to be sure. You are saying this "ec-apps" was in this downloaded .rar ?

Are you using anything from this link which contains the entire cd image in a .nrg ?

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