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Originally Posted by BigDog View Post
now we're talkin!!!

any pre-lim numbers? if nothing like that, what's your expectancy?

For stage 1, on a 328i - we will be in the 300whp area. as the stage 2 parts come out and we get to test them, we will push it. My ultimate goal is to hit 400hp on my personal car, and see where it can take you guys.

Originally Posted by T7R_Sky View Post
What made you guys go with a standalone in tandem with the oem over just a standalone? Wouldn't it have been easier just making a base ecu from scratch?
Let me clarify, our computer is basically a Piggy Back on steroids. It has the ability to control all the fueling, Meth injection, software tuning, errors.. so it goes in tandem with the OEM ecu and then improves upon the OEM signals allowing the car to run boost without a limp mode.

Originally Posted by Riley1524 View Post
Wow, You've sparked interest over in the 128i section. I just worry about stock transmission reliability and such. How much could we see to the tires??? I think you posted on Facebook something like 300whp, but I would have to see it to believe it. Still interested in the development of this, but we all need solid numbers, price and info on this kit. Thanks Gavin!!
Stock tranny is rated for 332tq at the flywheel, stage 1 will not be over the limit at all.

stage 2 upgrades will push us, but not until it has been thoroughly tested and we know what the tranny can actually take.

all the numbers will be done soon, this is preliminary stuff just to show you guys whats going on. Dynos, Tuning videos, Driving videos, photoshoots will be done for you guys to see as it happens