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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
It's hard to keep it up to date with files since BMW constantly updates their softwares with revisions after revisions. I have never updated my software since I bought the car and it seems as though INPA 5.02 and ediabas 6.4.7 is working perfect with my car. There is at the moment hardly anything inpa is not able to connect with my car. Everything seems to be working exception the INPA variance warning message but I click ok and proceed forward and INPA still reads the module that it is calling upon

Did you get it working yet?

My car is an 07 E92 and was updated with software during a turbo replacement for reference.

I'm at work atm so not working yet. I'm still trying to sort out why I cannot seem to find this "ec-apps" folder you reference. I'll try redownloading the .rar again but not sure. My memory tells me the .rar only contained: 1 .pdf and the Step1-3 .exe files. I've yet to see an "ec-apps" folder.

The only time i've even seen that referenced is when running step 2.exe it is autopopulated into a field for something.

Kind of lost atm...