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BMW Denmark denies to know anything about this problem... No matter what their central warehouse has more than a 1000 of each item(the to numbers metioned elsewhere in this thread) in stock. Which is highly unusual if not it was subject to replacement.
3 years ago when I found out that I had rust in the boot lid of the E90 they also rejected my claim. I love my BMWs but the struggle with the dealers/importer in Denmark is awful.
Anyway I live very close to highly respected BMW specialist who has promissed to solve the issue. He qouted me 150€ for the entire job, and has done it as recently as today on another 320i. The 150€ includes parts and labour.
His workshop is offently occupied by foreign M3s and M5s. (Usually Norwegians and Swiss cars...) The local official BMW workshop always passes on cars to my specialist when they can't solve the problem themselves. (That's how I found him )
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