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Originally Posted by DieselDiner View Post
I think maybe the writers threw us some hints, with Rick talking with Shane about winter and how the cold weather might affect the walkers, about the need for them to find more food/staples in the fall, etc.. Change is coming.

P.S. Did you catch their conversation about the 2 dead security guards? No bites, apparently they turned from just scratches. Interesting! Might be important to know later on - I laughed thinking about all the hand to hand combat Rick and Shane had with walkers in this episode, yet not a single scratch! Love it!
So... End of season 1 - Scientist guy tells Rick something before he blows up the building..

Now season 2, Walkers are happening without bites..

The virus is either airborne, or too many walkers have gotten in to the water supply.

they are going to kill Shane off in a redemption type of move i would guess as the season finally.