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Originally Posted by DieselDiner View Post
I was probably imagining it, but I thought they showed a brief glimpse when one of the guys (I think it was Rick, might be wrong) was between the cars.
You've got me wondering now lol

in fact... I almost agree with you lol

--- Everyone is infected, the virus is highly contagious but is not activated until you die, and your brain is intact after your death. which would validate the observations of Shane using his knife to kill a walker, then cut himself, then kill another walker, without becoming one.

The cops/security guards play 2 parts here. they are tuned without injury, so it raises the suspicion we are all going over now, and secondly as Rick was leaving with the Kid, he was going to leave Shane to die. Instead he saw the bodies of the 2 cops side by side, remembers that it's "bro's before hoes" and goes back for him, and saves him. Thus allowing Rick to hold on to a stronger sense of "humanity" then if he just left him to die like Shane did to Otis.