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Originally Posted by krapnoj View Post
I was pulled over in upstate new york :mad: (im from PA) FOR GOING 63 in 45 mph zone..... the trooper was driving opposite direction but his radar must have picked up my speed while he was moving.. In PA, cops can only radar you down if they are stationary, so this is all NEW to me..
I can't deny I was speeding but I was really moving with the flow of traffic. so anyways, he gives me a ticket and tells me "just plead not guilty and mail it in, you don't have to show up in court. just watch your speed". and then he just books on out without giving me a chance to talk to him.

did he give me a break or will I end up receiving a fine and/or letter to show up in court in the mail later? he sounded understanding since I wasn't driving obnoxiouly and didn't deny my speed.

the ticket states I was in violation of "NYS V AND T LAW". The ticket has no space to explain y situation so I am confused as to why the officer told me to plead not guilt with no explanation.

if I do end up guilty, are any associated points from this ny ticket transferrable to my state in PA? I mean even if I pay the fine... do the points transfer?

plead not guilty and state that you were doing the speed limit period. if they make you come to court ask them how could they pick you out when you were driving in a cluster of moving cars. It wasn't you that was speeding. I pleaded not quilty when i was picked up on radar and had the charge reduce to a improper lane change.