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Originally Posted by import36 View Post
bingo...these are my thoughts exactly. i believe the scientist told Rick his wife was pregnant. and i thought it was common zombie scenario that once you're makes you ill (fever, etc.) and causes you to pass away usually within a few days...and then you return as the walking dead.
Most of the time, although it depends on the type of Zombie/Dead Head/Walker/Zed's you are dealing with.

For example:

Resident evil - T-Virus causes a fever and infection and then you change and possibly mutate. If you carry the T-virus, it can repair you if you get an injury. the virus itself doesnt kill you - but it does take you over and you become more of a Host to it's will.

28 Days/Weeks Later - RAGE virus, the second your bit - you change. no fever, no sickness, you have 15-30seconds before you are a red eyed, super fast, super strong killing machine.

Dawn of the dead - Virus is very contagious and can infect with any fluid transfer from the Zombies to the People, causes a sickness and then you eventually die from the illness, and the virus brings you back.. as an angry killing machine. (also infects babies in the womb, and the Zombaby will be alive after the host mother dies if it is close enough to term)

Land of the Dead - Commonly you get bit, and then you are eaten because the zombies are hungry. If you survive the bite you change within 5-10 minutes without fever, you just fall over and then get up as a Walker.. Zombies also learned functional mechanics, and can use guns and climb fences. And cant be drowned. they seem to retain some of their former selves even as a walker.

Shaun of the Dead - Traditional zombies, slow, dumb, hungry. You get bit, get sick and then change. But, they also allowed you to change once bit without sickness (his mom did) - so they have both.