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Beautiful work if you have the time.

I recently had a couple of wheels done by AWRS which is a franchise and they do work for many dealers. I had similar curb rash and they told me that a dealer will charge approximately $125 per wheel but that he would do mine directly for $95 each.

The experience and outcome were great since they come to your home or workplace and have all of their equipment and paints in their truck. They even have a drying booth for wheels.

They took the wheel off the car and into their truck to make repairs and custom blending of color. It took about an hour (2 guys were working together) and the results were just incredible. No balancing was needed and car was ready to be used (they advised me to stay out of puddles if possible for a few days) as soon as they were finished. They did this right at my house. Lifetime guarantee against paint chipping, flaking, etc... and really straight down to earth guys. Would not leave until they were 100% sure that I was happy.

Each person has their own territory so you would need to contact AWRS to find out who handles your area. I think that you may be able to get this from their website. I believe that they also repair cracked or bent wheels.

Just another option for members who do not have the time, patience or skills to do this work but your results look great. Nice work!