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I'm preaching

You need this with an AT - PERIOD - if you want to spend quality time at the track running consistent laps so you actually can improve:
Must Haves
  • FMIC
  • Dual Oil Coolers - I like the ER but the Stett seems nice too. They both create great air flow to the coolers which some solutions don't. This is very important
  • 100% Distilled water with MOCOOL or Water Wetter
  • Transmission cooler - OEM is stupid small and doesn't really get any air flow

More is better
  • Custom made high capacity radiator
  • Vented hood or remove cabin filter cowl
  • Limit the tuning unless you're sure it doesn't induce more heat. The car is plenty fast and you're a better driver if you go fast with stock power.
  • Meth
  • Take plenty of time after each session to drive the car at about 50 MPH to really cool everything own. This helps prevent heat soak which is a killer in our cars.
  • Some use meth to cool intake temps. I don't really know anything about it

If you aren't limping without the Must Haves you have a good way to go with your driving. Or, it's really cold where you are.

This is just how it is. Run on over to the Limp mode party at the track thread. It's a sticky in the tracking forum.