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Issue with USB connection playing music, Iphone 4- 2011 328i

I have a 2011 328i without the iDrive system.

I like to use Spotify and Pandora on my Iphone 4 and would like to play music on a consistent basis through the USB cable.

Sometimes it works fine; I can select songs/stations through my phone and it plays well through the car stereo.

Most of the time, however, the song will play for about 10 seconds and the entire audio system will cut out with a loud "pop" coming from the speakers, and then restart a few seconds later and continue playing whatever song was on. This process then repeats itself.

I am wondering if it is even possible to play these apps over my stereo system with the regular Ipod/Iphone USB cable or if I need something special with this type of BMW or if I need to do something with my phone. I fear that I am harming the system somehow but would definitely like to be able to use Spotify.

I have tried using the AUX cable and select that option, but Im not even sure I am doing that right because no music plays when I do that.

Thank you for all your help and input.