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Dedicated setup for 2012 E92 335 xDrive

Posted this in the wheel/tire section, but didn't get any suggestions. Probably should have put it here in the first place.

We've done a couple fun events and the M-school and now have a 2012 335 Xdrive E92 as our shared DD. The boss takes it when it's not right to have the M out and I get it the rest of the time when I don't want to drive the Chevy and burn diesel at 16ish mpg.

The other thing we are going to do with it is have loads of fun doing local track (The Ridge Motorsports Park is 2.3 miles) and autoX days.

I'm looking for suggestions for dedicated wheels/tires. The only times these will be on the car are when we are heading to, at and going home from HPDEs.

She is currently stock, but I expect to upgrade to something like TC Kline coilovers or AST4100s and lower her a bit for HPDEs and non-winter driving around town. Probably won't change the brake calipers out though. I may add JB4 or COBB (if they come out with something fair for the N55) later, but figure it's more important to keep her planted before adding more power.

In the past couple of years and handful of events, I haven't seen much in the way of dry pavement (Seattle area), so i'm thinking that I should focus on best grip during wet conditions???

I'm looking to have fun, not win events. I'm paying to play, not playing to get paid. And I am not intersted in needlessly trashing my $53k investment to shave 0.2 seconds off my time. I want practicality and efficiency, not looks. So, I'm thinking squared 17s for reduced weight, rotating tires to get a bit more life out of each set, less expensive tire options, and possible reduce understeer without adding camber plates. But, in the grand scheme of things, a couple hundred bucks here and there is not going to break us.

Folks recommend Kosei K1s, but I couldn't find them under my fitment at TireRack. The only thing they showed in 17s were OZ at about $1,400 for the wheels.

Hancock RS3s seem well liked and well priced, but I've read folks report them as fair on wet surfaces. I know I want to stay away from r comps because I need to develop my skills rather than let technology give me a false sense of ability.

Being this dedicated to a setup is new to me, so I'm very open to suggestions.

Thanks folks.