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Agree it's a bummer you cannot program POI's into the Nav system easily. I bought a road angle and it's pretty good. Recently they had some stock shortages that made getting it a tad difficult.

Have seen that nasty new camera at Lindfield as well, it's still not operational as yet (as far as I know) as they still have the signs covered. I updated my road angel today so will see if they have added it to the POI's.

I bought a product called photo blocker (or similar) from the US several years ago. It's like a clear lacquor that you spray onto your number plates, supposed to block the bright flash. Now I have been pinged once at the Spit bridge during the day by the camera there, given no flash required I can see why. HOWEVER at night it seams to work, recently I did get a massive flash on Military road (red light camera) and have yet to receive any nasty mail and it's been 6-8 weeks now.

In terms of radar detectors there are companies selling them in Sydney. A fully consealed unit is about $1400 installed. It is illegal to have one in your car and from memory it's 9 points + $1200 fine if you are caught. Will not work on fixed cameras (as they use sensors in the road, not radar) or lasers. Happy to forward info, just PM me.