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Originally Posted by HPF 335i #1 View Post
Josh told me last week that they resolved the Manifold issue on the white board and as of a week ago, have already started on the needed changes. He didn't say for sure how dramatic the changes were, but his words were that they had an ingenious idea. So i don't know if that means they found a simple solution or that they now have a bad ass Mani concept. I do know that they "plan" to leave the Turbo in the same location it was.

I could and probably should know more, but honestly, I try not to think about it too much; its a lot of weight on my mind waiting for it to be done, especially seeing and reading all the updates from Shiv. But i KNOW they are working on it and progress is be ing made every day. All of the M3 projects going on right now are NOT in the way or slowing down the 335i progress. There is a separate team on the 335i from in house on out source teams.

From what i remember from the last email on Friday, I should have an update later today by COB. If i do, ill post.

I commend you on your patience. I know very few customers that would exhibit the same virtue.
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