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^ Thats the same issue. Interesting the tunes seem to not be having an effect, which means if it is a DME issue, its not in any tables or signals being manipulated by the tuners.

Had the the remaining two old injectors replaced, and will be picking up the car tomorrow. Hopefully that puts my misfire adventuresbehind me, and maybe it'll be the silver bullet on the stumble.

Crossing fingers...

One thing to note, I dont thnk the fact that you dont have a CEL is exhaustive on misfires. I'm pretty positive it takes a repeated and severe misfire for this car to throw a code. My car was definitely having less severe misfires and running poorly, and wasn't throwing a code. Sometimes I could provoke the code with hard driving, but then I could shut off the car, start it back up, and the light would be off, but t'd still be running like shit.