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Originally Posted by forza1976 View Post
Higher octane always is good. However on stock not as much impact. Just allows for less timing to be pulled by the dme in less than ideal conditions.

I had logs from the v4 days when auto tuning was turned on. Man on 91 octane the boost and timing would either stay level or drop based on conditions. When I had nearly all 104 in the tank the boost increased and timing dropouts were non-existent (outside of the 4300 rpm Vanos shift).

I'm a firm believer, hence everyone's use and love for methanol injection.
Sweet - makes sense and certainly couldn't hurt. I'll be coming from the Springs, so Arvada is a bit out of the way, but I'll see what I can find down South.

Have you run your S4 yet? It is a DCT right? A coworker has a S4 DCT and it is a beast.