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Shit, the guy in the F30 General forum has just posted this:

"The best news by far, however, was the news of the diesel. YES, a diesel is coming. It will not be a 35, but rather a 30. He indicated it would be based off the N47 engine- approximately 2 litres and will come in as a 330d- placed between the 28 and the 35. Given this information, I'm speculating a triple, or at least twin turbo 4 with somewhere from 225-260 hp and 375-450 ft-lbs of torque. He indicated that mated to the 8 speed auto, it would be pushing 50 MPGs!!!! At this point all the negatives almost went completely out the window, because this news is awesome."

Nooo its not awesome!! The N57 is what makes diesel the new petrol!! To lose the sound, feel and natural balance of the straight six would be criminal!!!!!!!! I hope this guy is bullshitting I really I do. I saw his title and was about to cancel my 328i :L . I'd take an N57 over the N20 anyday.

Uses less fuel than a 1.4 litre Fiat.
Faster than a Porche Boxter.
The BMW 330d.

EDIT: [COLOR="Cyan"]GOOD NEWS!!! Now the F31 330d has been announced, Southlight says the 30d will remain as an N57! Phewww!! I can get 52mpg at speed limits (70mph ish) with a steady foot in my older, less refined, less clean 245ps 520NM 30d so don't give me any "4 pot will be good for more MPG bullshit" . LOL!

It is the 258ps 560NM unit that will be implemented and it will probably conform with EU6 regulations which targets NoX emissions, if not, it will likely be an optional extra like the F10/F11.[/color]

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