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Originally Posted by Kamando View Post
We only get the M57 over here not the N57 unfortunately. As long as BMW gives North America either an F31 Diesel (My preferred choice but highly unlikely) or an X3 30d (much more likely) that is reasonably quick and gets great mileage I'll be a happy camper. I love my 335d but would really like something with more utility that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, like the X5 35d does.
Kamando, it's like you were reading my mind!

I got the 335d because it was the only diesel sedan that BMW made. It was nicer than the E350 Blutec for road feel and driving experience, and Audi had no TDI sedan and VW didn't have the Passat yet and their Jettas were having issues with their Bosch CP4.1 HPFPs eating themselves.

Would I consider an F30 330d based on the N47 to replace my 12-year old Jetta TDI? Certainly.

I would really consider the X3 30d if that came over as well. Yes, the 335d's 6 is very smooth, but I would be willing to forego a bit of smoothness to have a diesel SUV again (had a 2.8L straight-4 VM motori powered Jeep Liberty, so I'm familiar with straight-4 vibration levels) and the X3 or something like a Q5 or Tiguan would be perfect.

123: On the positive side of things, that makes it seem more clear that the 35d (or even a 40d) could become the top of the line 3-series (in Europe, anyway).

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