Thread: e92 or e93?
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I had an e93 320i when they first were introduced in 2007.I thought it was underpowered but its 0 to 62 was a reasonable 9.1 secs. In sept. 2008 I took delivery of a 320d e93, the difference was an eye opener.30% more mpg and 0 to 62 in 8.6 but the icing on the cake was its 55 to 75mph time which was same as the 330i in 4th and 5th gears ie per bmw figures. 0 to 62 times are not as important as having a decent bit of power for overtaking IMO. I get the impression that someone who thinks the bmw 177 bhp chugs has not driven one. At 70 plus on the motorway with the top down you will hear neither the engine or exhaust because of wind noise. Possibly you would hear the engine at full chat and exhaust noise at slower speeds around town but that is not for me. Do not let these guys put you off a 320d. How very dare you slag off my e93d. LOL