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Did this DIY tonight and it went pretty well. Thanks for the write up and pictures!

As for my experience..

-The hard to reach bolt... I used a small (~5") 8mm ratcheting box wrench. After the initial push to loosen, I went little by little and got the bolt to come out. When it came out enough, I unscrewed it by hand so as to not drop it.

-My gasket wasn't TOO bad but the worse part was the small rectangular section. I could see it has deteriorated into the port and a lot of caked on gasket and oil particles where inside the housing. It seems like it had just smooshed in so much the gasket actually got squished into the port. Initially, I had found some leaking coming from this under area so I'm glad found this thread.

-I found it a bit hard to clean without a second set of hand holding the housing up for me to really get at it. Since the gasket came out in one piece and it wasn't in too bad condition, my helper didn't complain too much.

-When I performed the coolant drain, there was some black particles in the pan.

- I didn't remove the top engine cover. I just removed the two front bolts but, I didn't even have to do that.

e92 328i with 61k miles.